Shades of Magic: A Conjuring of Light, Part 2 – Hugs For Holland

In this review for A Conjuring of Light (as the title might suggest), I HAVE SO MANY HOLLAND RELATED FEELINGS. Let me tell you about them. This review will cover Parts 4 to 9, after I missed last week’s review window (apologies!) and will contain spoilers.

Temeraire: Blood of Tyrants Part 2 – Dazed and Confused

In the second part of Blood of Tyrants, there’s a reunion, and an assassination attempt, and can someone please punch Hammond already? This review is brought to you by restless fidgeting.

Temeraire: Blood of Tyrants Part 1 – What’s Your Name, Man?

In the first part of Blood of Tyrants, we find Captain Laurence washed up on a Japanese shore with amnesia and a whole bunch of more immediate problems for good measure… This review covers the first 5 chapters of the book, and is brought to you by my┬áincreasingly conflicted feelings. Spoilers below.

Shades of Magic: A Gathering of Shadows – Let the Games Begin!

In Parts 7 and 8 of A Gathering of Shadows, the Element Games finally(!) get underway, and there’s a surprise development or two in store, both on and off the stage…

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