City of Stairs – Paperback Release

Today’s post is a little bit of excited flailing for one of last year’s biggest book hits, as it marks the upcoming UK release of Robert Jackson Bennett’s City of Stairs in paperback! Why am I so excited for this? Well, for one thing this book was one of my absolute favourite reads of 2014. For another, this […]

Thank you, Sir Terry.

I don’t remember now exactly how old I was when I first picked up a Discworld book. My age was the impressionable kind, that I do remember. And I remember that the book was Mort. My book collection was growing, but it hadn’t yet gone out of control like it pretty much has now. I […]

Spotlight: Dark Star by Oliver Langmead

Today I’ve got something really fresh for you – I’m shining the spotlight on the upcoming poetic science fantasy debut from Oliver Langmead. That’s right. Poetic science fantasy. Intrigued? Then let’s take a look!

Spotlight: Beasts of Tabat by Cat Rambo

Time for shiny! Today I’m looking at a late-March release – the first novel by Cat Rambo! Cat is known to me, and no doubt to many others, for her short story output, so the notion of a novel from her is pretty exciting, no? Let’s see the goods…

Spotlight: Grimm Mistresses

In honour of February being Women In Horror Month, today I’m taking a look at the latest collection of short fiction from Ragnarok Publications, Grimm Mistresses! This book features spooky tales from five female writers of horror, and I for one am excited to get my hands on it! Check out the details below.

Spotlight: Teeth, by Chele Cooke

Today’s book spotlight is a bit of a warm-up for my entry in a new blog tour, being organised by the ever-fabulous Faye Rogers PR. Details below!

Cover Reveal: Hidden Huntress by Danielle L. Jensen

More picturesque goodness today! This time it’s the turn of Danielle L. Jensen’s sequel to last year’s impressive debut, Stolen Songbird! Notable for being the only YA title to survive the closure of Strange Chemistry via adoption under the main Angry Robot imprint, this book is already gathering pre-publication steam and some excited buzz in […]

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