Rising Up: It’s Always the Quiet Ones

  Current fangirl status is: Awaiting the season two finale of Tremontaine with chocolate ready, pillow clutched and nails well bitten. In the meantime, let’s have a TremonTEAM challenge post!   The challenge: The women of TREMONTAINE are passionate, powerful, and driven. Write a blog piece discussing your favorite one and why.    *Cracks knuckles* Oh, […]

The Effing Best of 2016! (Part Two)

It is time for the second of my two Best of 2016 lists, and as promised, this one will celebrate the best works of short fiction, singular and collected, that I read this year, with a Gold Star spot for my absolute favourite. So let’s get on with it!

The Effing Best of 2016! (Part One)

I cannot believe it’s that time of year again, friends. I can also hardly believe I read as much awesome SF/F (and related things) as I did in 2016. I read so much that today I get to bring you not only ten of my favourite novels from this year, but a list of my […]

Power, Passion and Problem Solving: The Tremontaine Story So Far

  So it’s time for a new Tremontaine challenge, and it’s well timed: this week the TremonTeam was tasked to write up our thoughts about the story so far, as season two hits its halfway point. There have been surprises galore, both pleasant and not so pleasant. Characters new and old are weaving one hell […]

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

  Well. It finally happened. The TremonTEAM challenges have rolled around to that glorious fannish subject of subjects: SHIPPING. We TremonTEAMsters have been given, and I quote, “freedom to discuss anything relating to relationships found within Tremontaine … even ones that are only in your head”. *Grin* Let’s.

Tremontaine: The Movie!

  Week Six of the #TremonTEAM challenges is upon us, and that means IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR SEASON TWO. *Gnaws on the Internet* GIMMEEEEEE Ahem. This week’s challenge is utter, fabulous image-searching fun/torture: We’ve been given free rein to design our ideal Tremontaine movie fancast! I’ll do this one, I said. It’ll be easy, I […]

How I Met Tremontaine

  Another week, another TremonTEAM post! This week, we’ve been asked that marvellously memory-prodding question: How did you discover Tremontaine?

Fashion Meets Function: The Duchess Tremontaine’s Weapon of Choice

We are into Week 4 of these challenges leading up to the season two premiere of Tremontaine, and I am really sinking my teeth into this one! This week is all about fashion, and I surprised myself with how well I took to it!   Note: contains general spoilers for season one, and for episode […]

Everyone Loves Turnips!: A Micah Heslop Appreciation Post

Hello! Something a bit different from my usual, today. Today, I am donning my Fan Hat. (It’s a dashing hat. Musketeer style, with a feather in it, because this is the Internet and it suits me because I say so.) I am donning my Fan Hat to wax fanatical (that sounded better in my head) about […]

Coming Soon: A Swordspoint group read!

So! With the first season of Tremontaine at an end (as of now my review of the final episode is still in progress), there’s about to be a Riverside-shaped hole in my life for a while. But not that long! Because I have given in to the weight of temptation and decided to start on […]

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