SFF Read Alongs: Leviathan Wakes, Part 3

  In the third part of Leviathan Wakes, Miller and Holden start to find answers to their questions – but their responses only cause more problems… This week’s reading covers chapters 29 to 43, with questions from imyril at There’s Always Room For One More. Beware of spoilers below!

Voyage of the Basilisk, Part 1: Good Relations

In the first part of Voyage of the Basilisk, Isabella’s off to sea – and this time she’s taking her son with her. Adventures? Adventures! (Though they aren’t all hers this time…)

Whispers Under Ground, Part 1: Mind the Gap

In the first part of Whispers Under Ground, Peter and Lesley are reunited, and a previous investigation continues even as a new one demands Peter’s attention…

SFF Read Alongs: Leviathan Wakes, Part 2

  In the second part of Leviathan Wakes, the mystery deepens – and the horror intensifies – as Miller meets Holden, and we find out what became of Julie… This post will cover chapters 15 to 28, with questions from Sarah at The Illustrated Page. Spoiler alert!

The Tropic of Serpents, Part 3/4: If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

Playing a bit of review catch-up today, so here is my take on the second half of The Tropic of Serpents (Parts 3 and 4)! In which: Isabella comes to an important realisation, unburdens herself, and narrowly escapes death a whole bunch of times. Spoilers below!

SFF Read Alongs: Leviathan Wakes, Part 1

It’s back! SFF Read Alongs has returned this month, with a science fiction offering this time! Join us as we take on the first book of The Expanse. This week we’re covering chapters 1 to 14. Spoiler alert!

Recap: May 2017

So today is a sick day, because at some point between leaving for work yesterday and getting home again I picked up a rather enthusiastic dose of flu. Yay! But if I’m going to be stuck indoors all weekend, I might as well catch up on writing. First up, a recap of the last month’s […]

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