A Natural History of Dragons, Part 1 – Though She Be But Little…

In the first part of A Natural History of Dragons, we meet a very young Isabella, and this reader falls in swoony love with everything. Content note: for mention of miscarriage.

Rivers of London, Part 1 – I <3 London

In the first part of Rivers of London, I have no idea what’s going on but I’m here for it. This review will cover chapters 1-4, in a spoilery fashion. Content note: for discussion of child murder.

What’s Next For Team Muskedragon?

As we wind down from the storm of readerly emotions that was the Shades of Magic trilogy, and look toward the end of our Temeraire marathon, it’s time for Team Muskedragon to gear up for our next group reads. We’ve chosen another two series to follow these ones with, and today I’m in Grand Reveal […]

Shades of Magic: A Conjuring of Light, Part 2 – Hugs For Holland

In this review for A Conjuring of Light (as the title might suggest), I HAVE SO MANY HOLLAND RELATED FEELINGS. Let me tell you about them. This review will cover Parts 4 to 9, after I missed last week’s review window (apologies!) and will contain spoilers.

Recap: March 2017

So March has been sadly lacking in the reviews department – but this doesn’t mean I didn’t get through some great books! Just that my writing brain keeps letting me down. Thanks, writing brain. But I shall get past this, and until then we have recaps! Let’s take a look at what got done.

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