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I go by Lisa to those who know me. I’m 34 and I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve been blogging and reviewing books since 2012, and reading since I learned how to. Tea and cake are my fuel of choice, and also how I survive most encounters with reality.



While some of my reviews are by request (in exchange for ARCs or review copies received), those reviews will generally only be for books which fit into the science fiction/fantasy genres in some way.

Requests made and/or books offered by authors or publishers personally do not guarantee acceptance or reviews, but I will give them due consideration and reply to such requests as quickly as I’m able to. Review requests accepted/reviews posted will be at my own discretion. 



Any other questions?

If you would like to contact me directly regarding this blog/my reviews, you can email me using the form below.

All relevant enquiries are welcome and I shall do my best to answer these as promptly as possible.


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