SF/F Read Alongs: All Is Fair, Part 4

In the fourth and final part of All Is Fair, there’s another surprise in store before things begin to turn around for our unlikely heroes – but are they turning around for the better…? This week’s questions are provided by imyril at X + 1. Spoiler alert!

SF/F Read Alongs: All Is Fair, Part 3

In Part 3 of All Is Fair, some more puzzle pieces regarding the Agency – and the Fae – fall into place, Will suffers the consequences of certain actions and decisions, and Cathy’s final wish is fulfilled – but that’s just the beginning… This week’s questions are from Sarah at The Illustrated Page, and cover […]

SF/F Read Alongs: All Is Fair, Part 2

In Part 2 of All Is Fair, Will discovers he’s been played, we finally get to meet the Sorcerer of Mercia, and Sam discovers unexpected truths about his late wife. This week we’re covering chapters 7 to 14, with questions from Hisham El-Far. Spoilers below!

SF/F Read Alongs: All Is Fair, Part 1

In Part 1 of All Is Fair, the secrets of the Agency are starting to come to light. Cathy may have found a new ally, and Will may be realising the extent of his mistakes… I’m your host this week as we read chapters 1 to 6 – you can find the complete Read Along […]

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