[Review] Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View

  To kick off my Sci-Fi Month reviews, I’m taking a look at From a Certain Point of View, the new anthology celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars! It features 40 stories giving us a look at the events of the original trilogy through the eyes of lesser known characters, and faces from the […]

Guest Post: “What Les Miserables Taught Me About Emotional Plotting”, by Melanie R. Meadors

Today I’m pleased to welcome a new guest to the blog! Melanie R. Meadors is the author of fantasy and science fiction stories where heroes don’t always carry swords and knights in shining armor often lose to nerds who study their weaknesses. She’s been known to befriend wandering garden gnomes, do battle with metal-eating squirrels, […]

Guest Post: ‘Two Voices’ by Rhonda Parrish

Today I’ve got a new guest on the blog! I am shining the spotlight on Rhonda Parrish’s latest anthology, Corvidae, and the woman herself is here to share a taste of her favourite feathery myths in fiction.

Review: Beyond The Pale, edited by Henry Herz

Genre: Fantasy/urban fantasy | Format: eARC | Publisher: Birch Tree Publishing | Publication date: July 7th 2014 | My rating: 4/5 Beyond the Pale is an anthology of fantasy, urban fantasy and paranormal stories that skirt the border between our world and others. Was that my imagination, or did I hear something under my bed? […]

An Excerpt From “Beyond The Pale” (Anthology)

Beyond the Pale contains eleven dark fantasy, urban fantasy and paranormal short stories by award-winning and New York Times bestselling authors: “Hooves and the Hovel of Abdel Jameela” by Saladin Ahmed “The Children of the Shark God” by Peter S. Beagle “Misery” & “Shadow Children” by Heather Brewer “Even Hand” by Jim Butcher “Red Run” […]

Review: The Apex Book of World SF 3

Editor: Lavie Tidhar | Format: eARC | Publisher: Apex Book Company | Publication date: June 30th | My rating: 4/5 These stories run the gamut from science fiction, to fantasy, to horror. Some are translations (from German, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Swedish), and some were written in English. The authors herein come from Asia and […]

Review: Irredeemable, by Jason Sizemore

Genre: SF/Fantasy/Horror | Format: Ebook (review copy) | Publisher: Seventh Star Press | Publication date: April 21st 2014 | My rating: 4/5 Flowing like mists and shadows through the Appalachian Mountains come 18 tales from the mind of Jason Sizemore. Weaving together elements of southern gothic, science fiction, fantasy, horror, the supernatural, and much more, […]

Spotlight: The Apex Book of World SF 3

As you might be aware, I’ve developed quite a fondness for Apex’s output in recent months. Reviewing the recent Book of Apex Vol. 4 gave me enough of a taste for the short fiction they publish to subscribe to their magazine, which in turn has given me a new monthly reviewing challenge – one that […]

The Old Scale Game, by Tad Williams

Image source  Anthology Editor: Shawn SpeakmanEdition: KindlePublisher: Grim Oak PressToday’s review is another short story, this time from the recently released Unfettered anthology, written in order to contribute toward its editor’s medical fund to battle cancer – always a good cause, in my book, and so worth my money.“The Old Scale Game” by Tad Williams is […]

The Emoticon Generation

Edition: Ebook (read on my Kindle) Where I got it: copy for review, from the author – big thanks! The Emoticon Generation is a collection of science fiction short stories by Guy Hasson, an author, playwright and filmmaker (talk about skill sets!). You can find out more about his writing here, and as I discuss […]

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