Nanoshock by K.C. Alexander

Happy New Year, dear readers! *Flings handfuls of glitter into the air* So my first finished book of the year was no gentle ‘stretch before you exercise’ experience. Quite the opposite. But then, I expected that much from this book. I expected a lot from it, and I was not disappointed…

Sci-Fi Month Giveaway #4

We have entered the final week of Sci-Fi Month, and while I have regrettably fallen way behind on the reading and reviewing I had hoped to get done, I refuse to let this be an end to my celebrating of science fiction! To that end, let’s have us the fourth and final giveaway of my […]

Review: Escapology by Ren Warom

Genre: Science fiction, cyberpunk Publisher: Titan Books Release date: June 14th 2016 This edition: ARC Synopsis: Shock Pao is not just any Haunt – he’s the best. There isn’t a system that he can’t crack into, nothing he can’t steal for the right price. Outside the virtual world of the Slip, though, he’s a Fail […]

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