Recap: September/October 2017

Bit of an oops today, because I realised I completely forgot to do a recap post last month. But with this month’s completed reading having been a bit … minimal, I suppose that means I’ve got more to add in catch-up mode! Let’s take a look back…

Mini Rainbows: Ladycastle #1

Coming at you today for a review pit stop! The newest Mini Rainbows feature is putting an awesome fantasy graphic novel in the spotlight this time around – Ladycastle, by Delilah S. Dawson and Ashley A. Woods.

July Recap

HOW IS IT NEARLY AUGUST. HOW. *Stares at calendar* … Anyway! Right. It appears I missed June’s recap post entirely, which tells me just how out of it I’ve been for the larger part of the last couple of months. Happily, my brain seems to be settling back down into productive mode, so I will […]

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