Tremontaine S3E1: Ambition

It’s back! Season 3 of my favouritest serial from Serial Box picks up more or less where the end of Season 2 left off, and it looks like chaos is set to take over… Let’s discuss Tremontaine. Note: All of these reviews will be spoilerific. You have been warned.

The Effing Best of 2016! (Part Two)

It is time for the second of my two Best of 2016 lists, and as promised, this one will celebrate the best works of short fiction, singular and collected, that I read this year, with a Gold Star spot for my absolute favourite. So let’s get on with it!

The Effing Best of 2016! (Part One)

I cannot believe it’s that time of year again, friends. I can also hardly believe I read as much awesome SF/F (and related things) as I did in 2016. I read so much that today I get to bring you not only ten of my favourite novels from this year, but a list of my […]

[Review] Tremontaine, S2E1: “Convocation”

Yes, you read that title correctly. It’s here. It’s here. I knew that joining the Serial Box #TremonTEAM would be a good idea, but sweet teacups, this goes above and beyond. Their first team reward turned out to be an advance copy of the first episode of Season 2 of Tremontaine, and YOU GUYS IT […]

Everyone Loves Turnips!: A Micah Heslop Appreciation Post

Hello! Something a bit different from my usual, today. Today, I am donning my Fan Hat. (It’s a dashing hat. Musketeer style, with a feather in it, because this is the Internet and it suits me┬ábecause I say so.) I am donning my Fan Hat to wax fanatical (that sounded better in my head) about […]

Riverside Read Along: The Fall of the Kings, Part 4

In this finale, everything comes to a head at the debate – with some heartwrenching results. There are a few character surprises, some more pleasant than others. And it’s raining metaphor. Let’s discuss The Fall of the Kings one last time. (With major spoilers.)

Riverside Read Along: The Fall of the Kings, Part 3

This week saw Theron trying to steer his life in a better direction with the aim of pleasing everybody as well as himself, while Galing focuses more tightly on finding a way to bring him down. Meanwhile, Basil seems to be going off the rails altogether… Trigger warning: for discussion of suicide.

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