Recap: April 2017

Happy May Day, everyone! Before I drag myself into two days of house-cleaning (days off are so full of glamour at Chez Rainbow), let’s look back over what I read and reviewed in April!

Temeraire: Crucible of Gold, Part 4

In the final part of Crucible of Gold, emotional detachment seems to be the order of the day. This review is brought to you by weary reader caution. Spoilers below.  

Temeraire: Victory of Eagles, Parts 3 & 4

  Forgive the two-part review this time around; I have admittedly been rather low on spoons lately and I’m only just starting to gather more. As a result I let some blogging duties pile up, and now I’m trying to play catch-up in order to have a clear slate for SciFi Month next month. (Which […]

Temeraire: Throne of Jade, Part 2

In Part 2 of Throne of Jade, the voyage is starting to put strain on certain friendships – and even Laurence and Temeraire aren’t above it. On top of this, there’s trouble brewing for them among the Chinese… This review is brought to you by eye-narrowing levels of suspicion. Spoiler alert!

[Review] Whitehall, S1E5: “The Rules of the Game”

In this episode of Whitehall, there are some new faces at court, and unrest over the Catholic queen is growing. This review is brought to you by the banging of my head against the desk. With spoilers!

Temeraire: Throne of Jade, Part 1

The reading of the second book in the Temeraire series, Throne of Jade, has begun! In Part 1 of Throne of Jade, we pick up where book 1 left off – addressing the matter of Temeraire’s mistaken dragon identity. There’s also a pretty big mess of international politics to sort through – bigger than Laurence […]

[Review] Whitehall, S1E4: “Wit In All Languages”

In this episode of Whitehall, Charles makes another bold move in his stand-off with Catherine – and Catherine holds her ground, but not quite the way anyone expected. Let’s discuss Whitehall. Content warning: For discussion of racism and sexual harassment.

Temeraire Read Along: Temeraire, Part 4

In the fourth and final part of Temeraire, a brush with betrayal and a personal loss leave everyone’s balance upset, and the British and French forces finally meet in battle. This review was brought to you by a whirlwind of grief, terror and awe. Spoiler alert!

[Review] Whitehall, S1E3: “In His Blindness”

In this episode, Catherine shows her backbone while Charles is revealed to have much less of one, and through Barbara, Restorationist society shows its deeper, uglier colours. Let’s discuss Whitehall. Content warning: for discussion of racism and Stockholm syndrome.

Temeraire Read Along: Schedule for Throne of Jade

Right then, friends and dragon enthusiasts! We’ve almost reached the end of book 1 of the Temeraire series, and that means it’s time to organise the readings for Book 2, Throne of Jade! Here’s my schedule.

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