Tremontaine S3E8: Behind the Mask

  In this episode, everyone’s facing new troubles – but no one is dealing with them quite the way I would have expected… Let’s discuss Tremontaine.

Tremontaine S3E4: Night of The Flames

  In this episode, politics brings out interesting sides to everyone, but I almost don’t care about that because SOMEBODY FRIGHTENED MICAH. Let’s discuss Tremontaine, while I sharpen this knife.

Recap: February 2017

HOW IS IT MARCH. In other news, it’s March! Maybe now the weather will stop torturing me. Then again, I had hayfever symptoms yesterday so maybe it won’t. Heck. At least there will always be books to read! Let’s go over what February brought…

Tremontaine S2E10: The Coming Night

  So this review will be a bit dual-purpose, because our latest TremonTEAM challenge was to┬ápick a favourite episode so far and talk about why it’s our favourite. After some inevitable indecision (and a great deal of thought), I realised a couple of things. One: this latest episode deserves that spotlight here. Two: on the […]

Tremontaine S2E7: The Duchess Gambit

  The seventh episode of Tremontaine – the halfway turning point for this season – is a turning point for all the characters involved, and not every development they face is a pleasant one… *Deep breath* Let’s discuss Tremontaine.

Tremontaine S2E4: “All That Glitters”

  It is time for a breather from … well, everything. That means it’s time to wrap myself up in my favourite comfort read of the moment, and talk about Tremontaine! This week’s episode sees Joel Derfner take the wheel for the first of his Season 2 episodes, and it’s a cracker of a chapter […]

[Review] Tremontaine, S1E10: “Shadowroot”

Episode 10 of Tremontaine sees some more romantic development/drama, which has led to a bit of a change of tune for me where a certain couple are concerned… …Oh, and there’s a duel to the death. (Spoilers ahoy!) AND THERE’S ONLY THREE MORE EPISODES LEFT. I CAN’T STAND IT. *Deep breath* Let’s discuss!

[Review] Tremontaine S1E7: “The Swan Ball”

Oh, Tremontaine, how I love you. We are properly at this season’s halfway point now, and what a mid-season spectacle we’ve gotten! As I’d predicted, everything goes disastrously wrong at the party … well, more or less everything. But I’ll save the spoilery bits for below. Let’s discuss The Swan Ball!

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