SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Justice, Part 9

In the ninth and final part of Kushiel’s Justice, Imriel must deal with several farewells and also some reunions, before returning home – first to Alba, and finally to Terre d’Ange … and Sidonie. This week the questions are posed by Susan at Dab of Darkness, as we read chapters 66 to the end of […]

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Justice, Part 8

We have come to this book’s finale, and though some matters are resolved, important questions still remain to be answered… Our host this week is Allie at Tethyan Books, as we discuss chapter 57 through to the end of the book. Spoilers aplenty below!

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Justice, Part 7

In this week’s section, Imriel is on the hunt for Berlik alone. It’s also time for some quiet reflection and deep thought, for our hero… Lynn at Lynn’s Book Blog is our host this week as we cover chapters 47 to 56, and you can find the complete schedule for this Read Along here. Spoilers […]

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Justice, Part 6

In this part of Kushiel’s Justice, Dorelei’s nearest and dearest are on the warpath – perhaps literally – and a secondary character rises somewhat to the fore… This week’s questions are from Emily at Emma Wolf, and cover chapters 38 to 46. Spoiler alert!

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Justice, Part 5

In Part 5 of Kushiel’s Justice, I WAS NOT READY. There’s calm, and there’s one hell of a storm to follow it this week… Susan at Dab of Darkness is our host, and we’re covering chapters 30 to 37. You can keep up with the schedule for this read along – and others – at […]

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Justice, Part 4

Imriel’s journey, and his troubles, continue in Part 4 of this Read Along, where we get to see what a real Alban wedding ceremony – and celebration – looks like; Imriel and Dorelei face their ever more conflicting feelings; and we finally see the return of a very absent but much-loved character…! This week we’re […]

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Justice, Part 3

It is time for Part 3 of Kushiel’s Justice, and this week the story uproots Imriel to Alba – where he promptly finds new ways to get himself in trouble. Of course. In this week of the Read Along we’re covering chapters 15 to 22, and our host is Lynn at Lynn’s Book Blog. As […]

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Justice, Part 2

Welcome to the second week of the Kushiel’s Justice Read Along, wherein matters of the heart are causing problems for our hero… This week our host is Emily at Emma Wolf, and we’re covering chapters 8-14. You can find the full schedule here if you’d like to keep track or join in! And now, let’s […]

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Justice, Part 1

Welcome to the first week of a new Read Along! We are continuing through Jacqueline Carey’s D’Angeline Cycle with the second book in the Imriel trilogy, Kushiel’s Justice. I decided to sit out of the hosting duties this time, but I’ll be participating each week as usual. So before we get to the Q&A, hosted […]

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