Tremontaine S3E5: Every Face a Forgery

  In this episode, we see tensions heightening, as our three ‘queens’ continue navigating their way through their latest troublesome situations. Let’s discuss Tremontaine. (With spoilers!)

Stake Sauce, by RoAnna Sylver

Today I am freshening things up with a new thing! A somewhat dark, heartstring-tugging, yet wonderfully cute and intriguing new thing! Enter RoAnna Sylver, and Stake Sauce.

Riverside Read Along: The Privilege of the Sword, Part 4

My reading of the second Riverside novel is complete. I got nothing I expected, and everything my heart wanted. This book, you guys. It gave me so much joy. So much! As always, if you missed the live reading on Twitter you can catch up via my Storify. Let’s discuss The Privilege of the Sword. […]

[Read Along] Swordspoint, Part 5

I HAVE A NEW FAVOURITE THING. *Deep breath* Really, though. These last few chapters did not mess around when it came to making The Point Of It All perfectly clear, and I love that this little book can pack such a hefty punch after the journey I’ve taken through it. Let’s discuss the end of […]

[Read Along] The Tale of Yin, Part 3

It’s the final part of this Read Along today! This goes against the schedule a little bit, but we have an explanation for this: Prior to actually reading this book, we hadn’t realised that Part 3, Sea Tales (which I would have hosted for), consisted only of a small handful of short or interlude-type stories […]

[Read Along] Swordspoint, Part 3

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time to talk about Swordspoint! I had a lot of thoughts to unpack after this week’s reading, and there’s some interesting reader conflict going on in me at this point in the story… If you missed the Sunday night tweetstorm, here’s a Storify of the best bits – and please […]

[Read Along] The Tale of Yin, Part 2

It’s time to discuss Part 2 of this book, “A Tree of Branches”, and in it there are some pretty heartbreaking developments – but some happier ones follow it! There’s also a lot of reader puzzlement in it, for me… Our host this week is Imyril at, and you can stay up to date […]

[Read Along] Swordspoint, Part 2

Hey hey, it’s time for more Swordspoint musings! This week covers chapters 6 to 9. We saw some interesting plot developments, and I have more questions than ever about a certain someone… If you missed the Twitter fun during the actual reading on Sunday, here’s a Storify account of the best bits. Let’s discuss! Content/trigger warning: […]

[Read Along] The Tale of Yin, Part 1

Welcome to a shiny new Read Along! The Tale of Yin by Joyce Chng is a duology of YA fantasy novellas, and thus is a nice diversion from the more adult/action-y kind of books we’ve been reading so far for this group. Part 1 covers Book 1: A Sea of Waves (with spoilers!), and our host is […]

Spotlight & Excerpt: Impact Velocity by Leah Petersen

*Dusts the place down* Ah, there we go. Still between books/reviews at the moment, but meanwhile I’ve got a treat in the form of an excerpt from Impact Velocity, which is the conclusion to Leah Petersen’s Physics of Falling trilogy! Though it’s the third book in this series, I’ve been assured that it does as well as a […]

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