Tremontaine S3E7: Into The Woods

  In this episode, Diane and her select company of nobles leave the City for the annual visit to the Tremontaine hunting lodge in the country. But despite the wild surroundings, some things about the nobility never change… Let’s discuss Tremontaine.

[Review] Whitehall, S1E5: “The Rules of the Game”

In this episode of Whitehall, there are some new faces at court, and unrest over the Catholic queen is growing. This review is brought to you by the banging of my head against the desk. With spoilers!

[Review] Whitehall, S1E1: “Embarkations”

There’s a new serial being served up from Serial Box, and that means it’s time for a new regular review feature from me! NOTE: These reviews will contain episode spoilers. The year is 1662. Charles II has been restored to his rightful throne in England, and his marriage to Catherine of Braganza is all but […]

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