Tremontaine S3E5: Every Face a Forgery

  In this episode, we see tensions heightening, as our three ‘queens’ continue navigating their way through their latest troublesome situations. Let’s discuss Tremontaine. (With spoilers!)

Tremontaine S2E8: A Rushing of Wings

  In this episode, Rafe sets out for Highcombe to rescue the Duke after last week’s discovery. He takes Micah with him, which is just about the only sensible thing he’s done since Kaab spilled the beans. What follows is more action than character drama, but thanks to the Duke’s “madness” there’s still plenty to […]

[Review] Tremontaine, S1E9: “Lies In Our Stars”

We are racing toward the finale of this first season of Tremontaine, and the drama is seriously heating up! There is so much to talk about, so with that and the obligatory SPOILER WARNING, let’s get talking!

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