Recap: April 2017

Happy May Day, everyone! Before I drag myself into two days of house-cleaning (days off are so full of glamour at Chez Rainbow), let’s look back over what I read and reviewed in April!

Tremontaine S2E5: “Alive, and Home Here”

  This episode is brought to us by Alaya Dawn Johnson, and you know what that means, right? BEST KAAB YET. Or at least in my case, the most thought-provoking Kaab yet. You’ll see what I mean soon enough… Let’s talk about Tremontaine! (With spoilers!)

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Mercy, Part 7

In the final part of Kushiel’s Mercy, the race is really on now to save the City and prevent a civil war – and the gods are watching… So I was supposed to be hosting this week, but thanks to an unexpectedly chaotic weekend I wasn’t able to get my round of questions out in […]

Tremontaine S2E4: “All That Glitters”

  It is time for a breather from … well, everything. That means it’s time to wrap myself up in my favourite comfort read of the moment, and talk about Tremontaine! This week’s episode sees Joel Derfner take the wheel for the first of his Season 2 episodes, and it’s a cracker of a chapter […]

[Review] Tremontaine S2E2: “Old in Mischief”

    Season 2 of Tremontaine is already my favouritest thing ever at the moment. I just need to say that right up front, before I get started on this episode review. It really does feel like an empty space in my life has been filled, and it’s marvellous. Not only that, but one of […]

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Mercy, Week 4

  In the fourth part of Kushiel’s Mercy, everything comes undone as Imriel breaks the spells binding Sidonie – and himself – in order to rescue her… But will they make it home safely? This week’s questions are courtesy of Emily at emma wolf, and will cover chapters 36-49. Spoiler alert!

SF/F Read Alongs: Kushiel’s Mercy, Part 3

In the third part of Kushiel’s Mercy, Imriel makes his way to Carthage – in a guise unlike any we’ve seen before. Will it prove to be the clever undoing of Astegal, or the deadly undoing of Imriel himself? This week’s questions are courtesy of Emily at Emma Wolf, and cover chapters 23 to 35. […]

[Review] Tremontaine, S2E1: “Convocation”

Yes, you read that title correctly. It’s here. It’s here. I knew that joining the Serial Box #TremonTEAM would be a good idea, but sweet teacups, this goes above and beyond. Their first team reward turned out to be an advance copy of the first episode of Season 2 of Tremontaine, and YOU GUYS IT […]

[Review] Whitehall, S1E2: “Skilled Artifice”

In this episode, Charles and Catherine are finally married, and Charles finds his new wife to be more pleasant company than he expected – which does not sit very well with Barbara. While the green-eyed monster rears its head, Barbara’s husband puts his foot down… Let’s discuss Whitehall.

[Review] Whitehall, S1E1: “Embarkations”

There’s a new serial being served up from Serial Box, and that means it’s time for a new regular review feature from me! NOTE: These reviews will contain episode spoilers. The year is 1662. Charles II has been restored to his rightful throne in England, and his marriage to Catherine of Braganza is all but […]

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