Tremontaine S3E1: Ambition

It’s back! Season 3 of my favouritest serial from Serial Box picks up more or less where the end of Season 2 left off, and it looks like chaos is set to take over… Let’s discuss Tremontaine. Note: All of these reviews will be spoilerific. You have been warned.

Tremontaine S2E12: Smoke and Ashes

  In the twelfth episode of Tremontaine, an important question that’s been asked since the story began is finally answered and I AM NOT OKAY. Tensions are coming to a boil. The question now is, who’s going to get burned? Let’s discuss Tremontaine.

Rising Up: It’s Always the Quiet Ones

  Current fangirl status is: Awaiting the season two finale of Tremontaine with chocolate ready, pillow clutched and nails well bitten. In the meantime, let’s have a TremonTEAM challenge post!   The challenge: The women of TREMONTAINE are passionate, powerful, and driven. Write a blog piece discussing your favorite one and why.    *Cracks knuckles* Oh, […]

Tremontaine S2E11: In The Shadow of Riverside

  With this season’s finale looming even closer, things are getting more intense than ever in this episode – and it’s another breathtaking turn from Tessa Gratton, whose efforts with this series so far have been tremendous. Seriously; I am in awe. Let’s discuss Tremontaine.

Tremontaine S2E3: “Fireworks”

  Three episodes into this season, and the character drama and developments are already racing onward. Diane is making all kinds of new connections (heh), while elsewhere some heartbreaking shocking leavetaking is going on – and the results may not bode well for those left… Let’s discuss Tremontaine. (Spoiler alert!)

Tremontaine: The Movie!

  Week Six of the #TremonTEAM challenges is upon us, and that means IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR SEASON TWO. *Gnaws on the Internet* GIMMEEEEEE Ahem. This week’s challenge is utter, fabulous image-searching fun/torture: We’ve been given free rein to design our ideal Tremontaine movie fancast! I’ll do this one, I said. It’ll be easy, I […]

How I Met Tremontaine

  Another week, another TremonTEAM post! This week, we’ve been asked that marvellously memory-prodding question: How did you discover Tremontaine?

Fashion Meets Function: The Duchess Tremontaine’s Weapon of Choice

We are into Week 4 of these challenges leading up to the season two premiere of Tremontaine, and I am really sinking my teeth into this one! This week is all about fashion, and I surprised myself with how well I took to it!   Note: contains general spoilers for season one, and for episode […]

[Review] Tremontaine, S2E1: “Convocation”

Yes, you read that title correctly. It’s here. It’s here. I knew that joining the Serial Box #TremonTEAM would be a good idea, but sweet teacups, this goes above and beyond. Their first team reward turned out to be an advance copy of the first episode of Season 2 of Tremontaine, and YOU GUYS IT […]

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