[Review] Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View

  To kick off my Sci-Fi Month reviews, I’m taking a look at From a Certain Point of View, the new anthology celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars! It features 40 stories giving us a look at the events of the original trilogy through the eyes of lesser known characters, and faces from the […]

Mini Rainbows #1: Various Artists

It’s alive! I said I was going to resurrect this feature, and I will keep my word. Thus, the first Mini Rainbows short fiction review round-up of 2017! (And hopefully the first of many.) Note: The reviews below may contain spoilery details!

Mini Rainbows: The Life and Times of Angel Evans by Meredith Debonnaire

Genre: Fantasy (contemporary, superheroes) Publisher: Book Smugglers Publishing Release date: September 13th 2016 This edition: Kindle (also available to read online here)   Synopsis: When Angel Evans was born into her world, the event was beset with a troubling number of prophecies. Her magical future was so portentous that all of the prophets couldn’t cope […]

Review: The Second Death by T. Frohock

Series: Los Nefilim #3 Genre:┬áDark fantasy Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse Release date: 29th March 2016 This edition: Review copy (Kindle) Note: While I will do my best to keep my review of this story spoiler-free, there will be some inevitable spoilers, mostly for the previous novellas, below. If you haven’t read those and want to, […]

[Mini Rainbows] The Honey Month, Part 6

I made it to the end of the first round in this series! Safe to say it makes up well for January’s hiccup. Also, OMG you guys, this book. I love it so much. Words cannot. I cannot. But I shall try. Let’s finish The Honey Month! Trigger warning: For discussion of depression/suicide.

[Mini Rainbows] The Honey Month, Part 5

February is drawing to a close, and so is my reading of this book. This is the penultimate review for The Honey Month, and I’m looking at the next five stories in the collection today…

[Mini Rainbows] The Honey Month, Part 4

Another six-part post on The Honey Month, today – though this may be shorter than the last because I had more difficulty than usual connecting with some of these stories…

[Read Along] The Tale of Yin, Part 2

It’s time to discuss Part 2 of this book, “A Tree of Branches”, and in it there are some pretty heartbreaking developments – but some happier ones follow it! There’s also a lot of reader puzzlement in it, for me… Our host this week is Imyril at OneMore.org, and you can stay up to date […]

Mini Rainbows: The Honey Month, Part 3

Welcome back to my journey through the wonderful imaginings of Amal El-Mohtar’s The Honey Month! Today I’m playing a bit of catch-up, so instead of three stories from this collection, I’ll be writing about six! Let’s take a look at the next round…

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