[Read Along] Swordspoint, Part 5

I HAVE A NEW FAVOURITE THING. *Deep breath* Really, though. These last few chapters did not mess around when it came to making The Point Of It All perfectly clear, and I love that this little book can pack such a hefty punch after the journey I’ve taken through it. Let’s discuss the end of […]

[Read Along] Swordspoint, Part 4

So I’ve reached part four of this book, and I’m pretty sure my brain exploded a little bit after Sunday’s reading – as you can see from my collected tweets… Let’s discuss Swordspoint. (With spoilers!) Note: The following review may contain mild spoilers for the first episode of Tremontaine. Anyone wishing to remain entirely spoiler-free should probably […]

Recap: February 2016

So technically we have one more day of it left, but I’m calling February done here on the blog! Let’s take a look at what got done, and at what’s coming up…

[Read Along] Swordspoint, Part 3

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time to talk about Swordspoint! I had a lot of thoughts to unpack after this week’s reading, and there’s some interesting reader conflict going on in me at this point in the story… If you missed the Sunday night tweetstorm, here’s a Storify of the best bits – and please […]

Swordspoint Read Along: Updated Schedule

Just a quick note here on the revised schedule for the Swordspoint group read that’s going on at the moment – after conferring with Dvorah (who is still awesome for helping out with it) I’ve decided to condense the remaining weeks of the reading schedule into three. Time constraints regarding other reading projects plus the […]

[Read Along] Swordspoint, Part 2

Hey hey, it’s time for more Swordspoint musings! This week covers chapters 6 to 9. We saw some interesting plot developments, and I have more questions than ever about a certain someone… If you missed the Twitter fun during the actual reading on Sunday, here’s a Storify account of the best bits. Let’s discuss! Content/trigger warning: […]

[Review] Swordspoint, Part 1

So! On Sunday night, while everyone else was watching some sort of sports event (sportsball!), I settled in with a cup of hot chocolate, a box of truffles and the copy of Swordspoint that I’ve been gazing longingly at for what feels like FOREVER as it sat on my bookshelf. The first five chapters have been read (as […]

Coming Soon: A Swordspoint group read!

So! With the first season of Tremontaine at an end (as of now my review of the final episode is still in progress), there’s about to be a Riverside-shaped hole in my life for a while. But not that long! Because I have given in to the weight of temptation and decided to start on […]

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