Tremontaine S2E11: In The Shadow of Riverside

  With this season’s finale looming even closer, things are getting more intense than ever in this episode – and it’s another breathtaking turn from Tessa Gratton, whose efforts with this series so far have been tremendous. Seriously; I am in awe. Let’s discuss Tremontaine.

Tremontaine S2E9: The Heart a Liability

  In this episode, some doors close (one perhaps more firmly than another…) while one is literally about to open. AND AGAIN WITH THE MERCILESSLY TEASING CLIFFHANGERS. Ahem. Tessa Gratton’s back at the helm this time, and again this episode is probably one of my favourites of the season so far. Let’s discuss Tremontaine.

[Review] Tremontaine S2E2: “Old in Mischief”

    Season 2 of Tremontaine is already my favouritest thing ever at the moment. I just need to say that right up front, before I get started on this episode review. It really does feel like an empty space in my life has been filled, and it’s marvellous. Not only that, but one of […]

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