[Read Along] The Tale of Yin, Part 3

It’s the final part of this Read Along today! This goes against the schedule a little bit, but we have an explanation for this: Prior to actually reading this book, we hadn’t realised that Part 3, Sea Tales (which I would have hosted for), consisted only of a small handful of short or interlude-type stories […]

[Read Along] The Tale of Yin, Part 2

It’s time to discuss Part 2 of this book, “A Tree of Branches”, and in it there are some pretty heartbreaking developments – but some happier ones follow it! There’s also a lot of reader puzzlement in it, for me… Our host this week is Imyril at OneMore.org, and you can stay up to date […]

[Read Along] The Tale of Yin, Part 1

Welcome to a shiny new Read Along! The Tale of Yin by Joyce Chng is a duology of YA fantasy novellas, and thus is a nice diversion from the more adult/action-y kind of books we’ve been reading so far for this group. Part 1 covers Book 1: A Sea of Waves (with spoilers!), and our host is […]

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