Temeraire: Tongues of Serpents, Part 2

In the second part of Tongues of Serpents, travel gets tough for our heroes as Australia does that ARGH I WILL KILL YOU thing that it does. Oh, and something is picking off their party members one by one. Creepy unknown threat: check. *Cough*TAKE RANKIN*cough* This review was brought to you by fresh bouts of […]

Temeraire: Tongues of Serpents, Part 1

It is time! Temeraire and company are back, and they could not be more welcome. I’ve missed their shenanigans, I really have. And if you missed the livetweeting on Saturday, here are the Storified highlights! The sixth book in the series kicks off with our exiled heroes arriving in Australia and finding a few unpleasant […]

Temeraire: The Schedule for Tongues of Serpents

It’s almost time! This weekend I shall return to the world of Temeraire, picking up where my gloriously fun tweetalongs and reviews left off last year with the sixth book in the series, Tongues of Serpents! Read on for my schedule.

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