Broken Homes, Part 1: Friends and Enemies

In the first part of Broken Homes, various parts are starting to feel more like a whole. Naturally, I don’t expect it to last… Spoilers for chapters 1 to 5.

Whispers Under Ground, Part 1: Mind the Gap

In the first part of Whispers Under Ground, Peter and Lesley are reunited, and a previous investigation continues even as a new one demands Peter’s attention…

Moon Over Soho, Part 2: Don’t Lose Your Head

In the second part of Moon Over Soho, the investigation gets murkier than I was ready for. Darker, too… This review covers chapters 5 to 9, with spoilers.

Moon Over Soho, Part 1: All That Jazz

In the first part of Moon Over Soho, I am one happy nerd. This review covers chapters 1-4, with potential spoilers! Content note: For a mention of autism.

Stake Sauce, by RoAnna Sylver

Today I am freshening things up with a new thing! A somewhat dark, heartstring-tugging, yet wonderfully cute and intriguing new thing! Enter RoAnna Sylver, and Stake Sauce.

Rivers of London, Part 3: About Face

In the third part of Rivers of London … Who¬†dunit?! This review will cover chapters 8-10. Major spoilers below! Warning: contains a lot of talk about puppets. A lot.

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