The Book of Three, Part 2: What Have We Learned?

In the second half of The Book of Three, things are still escalating quickly – but Taran finds time to learn a thing! (With a little help from his friends.)

The Book of Three, Part 1: Bring Home The Bacon?

In the first part of The Book of Three, we are so obviously on a quest. But someone seems to have forgotten something… This review covers chapters 1 to 10 of this book, and will contain spoilers.

Shades of Magic: A Darker Shade of Magic, Part 1

Time for some fresh review meat! In the interests of meeting my “read more TBR” goal for this year, I’m picking up another very cool-sounding fantasy series – V.E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic, starting with A Darker Shade of Magic! I’ve been finding that the small-dose review approach works well for me in tackling complete books as […]

[Read Along] Red Rising, Part 1: “Slave”

So I noted in yesterday’s Tremontaine review that December will be kind of a bare-bones month for posts, unless I manage to finish and review the books I’m reading in whatever quiet time I’ve got available before the holidays get here. In the interests of attempting to do that, though, I have (somewhat belatedly) signed […]

Review: Under My Skin by Zoe Markham

Genre: YA, horror Publisher: Carina UK Publication date: March 31st 2015 This edition: Kindle (copy received for review) Where to buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US Synopsis: Inside we are all monsters… Chloe was once a normal girl. Until the night of the car crash that nearly claimed her life. Now Chloe’s mother is dead, her father […]

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